Roadmachine: The Endurance Formula

Roadmachine: The Endurance Formula

Twelve years after defining the endurance category, BMC reveals it’s third generation Roadmachine family.

Grenchen, Switzerland

  • BMC’s Roadmachine family represent the most capable and functional endurance bikes on the market with signature BMC performance
  • Component compatibility leaves the rider free to choose from a wide range of wheels, tires and drivetrains
  • More features including added compliance, on-ride storage and safety features make these the Roadmachine that riders have always wanted and needed

Twelve years ago, BMC launched the Granfondo, a bike that was aimed at what it now defines as “the endurance rider”, offering a welcome mix of compliance and performance, which saw it prove itself against the harsh demands of racing on cobbles. This led to the Roadmachine, four years later, a bike that revolutionized the endurance segment. Since then, the first Roadmachine model and 2020-released gen2 have become the benchmark for integration, compliance and performance in this very segment.

Today, premium Swiss bike brand BMC is proud to announce the continuation of the Roadmachine legacy with the release of the 3rd generation of this category-defining bike. Building on a further four years of development, BMC is ready to re-set the standard within endurance bikes.

Relying on its accomplished platform, the revised Roadmachine frame is going to win fans with incredible new capabilities that are entirely relevant for the modern all-road rider, not least its generous tire clearance and function-driven performance integration.

As riders habits evolve, so too do the bikes they ride, hence why BMC has future-proofed this Roadmachine by optimising it with road-smoothening 32 mm tires—think fast accelerations, controlled flex and reactive handling—and thrown in the welcome capability to take 40 mm gravel tires, making it a ride-anything bike that redefines the one-bike collection.

The 2024 Roadmachine family line up offers a bike for all riders: the premium Roadmachine 01, the all-rider focused Roadmachine, the gravel-ready Roadmachine 01 X and Roadmachine X.
Expanding the Family even further, the TQ-powered Roadmachine 01 AMP and Roadmachine 01 AMP X join the current collection Mahle-powered Roadmachine AMP enabling riders to go further and faster with e-assistance.

The Endurance Formula

From an engineering standpoint, the updated frame bears many signature BMC hallmarks, including TCC (Tuned Compliance Concept) Endurance technology - achieving the required amount of vertical compliance -, the D-shape seatpost, ICS (Integrated Cockpit System) and stem solution, and more —all tied up into a more relevant package for today’s rider and matched with BMC’s highest level of carbon layup to date.

Capability without compromise

For generation 3 of the Roadmachine, the team at BMC’s Impec Lab (home to its in-house R&D, prototyping and testing facilities), set out with a clear goal: “To define the future of endurance riding”. One element of this mission was finding a way to fit bigger tires onto a road bike frame without impacting the bike’s overall wheelbase, and adding storage capacity and lights to the frame, each without compromising on ride behaviour.

The challenge: Keep it fast, increase capability.

Minor tweaks for major improvements: reposition the bottom bracket; create a more compliant seat tube and seat post structure; add no more than 5 mm to the rear centre (making it one of the shortest around for an ultra-responsive ride); resulting in a negligible 1–3 mm extra on the overall wheelbase of the bike (frame size dependent).

Further improvements have been made to the Roadmachine frame by increasing the stack height to meet the needs of the more comfortable position required by non-racers while still allowing for flexible fit adjustment with minimal spacers. Other small adjustments to keep the same familiar handling include the 5 mm lower bottom bracket and retaining the open head angle and therefore the original trail number, bringing the endurance formula back into alignment.

Stefan Christ, Head of R&D at BMC said:
“The launch of our Gen1 Roadmachine greatly impacted the look of the modern roadbike and was the first bike on the market with integrated cables. We continue to be at the forefront of innovation with our new launch – a Family of bikes that add relevant functionality in accordance with the first class performance and clean look that defines BMC.”

What makes the Roadmachine the right bike?

Looking further towards how riding has changed since the last generation of the Roadmachine, and how cycling will change during the life of this generation, BMC saw room for functional improvement. This led to an integrated storage compartment in the downtube for on-ride essentials, an integrated rear light design, a frame-saving chain catcher, adding full-fender compatibility to the entry-level Roadmachine, plus a D-fender specific design for the cleanest and most lightweight version.

Every addition and change to the bike has been made in the name of performance and functionality enabling riders to enjoy their best ride, every ride. Pushing forward the one-bike collection, this is the Roadmachine that riders have always wanted and needed.

Pricing and additional info:

Roadmachine 01 ONE - 13.999 €/USD/CHF (Embargo 15.05.24)
Roadmachine 01 TWO – 12.999 €/USD/CHF (Shimano Dura-Ace Di2)
Roadmachine 01 THREE– 8.499 €/USD/CHF (SRAM Force eTap AXS)
Roadmachine 01 FOUR – 7.999 €/USD/CHF (Shimano Ultegra Di2)

Roadmachine TWO - 5.499 €/USD/CHF (Shimano Ultegra Di2)
Roadmachine FOUR - 4.199 €/USD/CHF (Shimano 105 Di2)
Roadmachine FIVE - 3.199 €/USD/CHF (Shimano 105)

Roadmachine 01 X ONE - 7.999 €/USD/CHF (SRAM Force XPLR eTap AXS 1x12)

Roadmachine X TWO - 4.799 €/USD/CHF (SRAM Rival XPLR eTap AXS 1x12)
Roadmachine X THREE - 4.299 €/USD/CHF (SRAM Apex XPLR eTap AXS 1x12)

Roadmachine 01 AMP ONE - 8.999 €/USD/CHF (Shimano Ultegra Di2)
TQ-HPR50 Drive Unit + TQ 360 Wh Battery
Roadmachine 01 AMP TWO - 7.999 €/CHF/ 7.499 USD (Shimano GRX Di2)
TQ-HPR50 Drive Unit + TQ 360 Wh Battery
Roadmachine 01 AMP THREE - 7.999 €/USD/CHF (Shimano 105 Di2)
TQ-HPR50 Drive Unit + TQ 360 Wh Battery

Roadmachine 01 AMP X ONE – 8,999 €/USD/CHF (SRAM Force XPLR eTap AXS)
TQ-HPR50 Drive Unit + TQ 360 Wh Battery


Press Contact: Dalany Watkins
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