Partnerships for the podium

BMC strives to deliver exceptional performance and riding experience to our riders, not just with our amazing bikes, but also through global strategic partnerships. These partnerships help enhance and extend what we offer to our riders all around the world and cover all areas of the rider’s needs. This includes development of the latest technology and innovation, training tools or development. With the goal of ‘Creating Speed’ for our riders, we push the boundaries and our partners to supporting us on raising the bar to new heights.

Red Bull Advanced Technologies / Red Bull Racing

BMC and RBAT/RBR have been working together extensively on two amazing bikes that launched in late 2023, the Teammachine R and Speedmachine.
Through pioneering developments that led entirely new innovations, RBAT is contributing to BMC’s engineering and design process to help us bring the latest F1 technology to our riders.

Swiss Cycling

BMC and Swiss Cycling share common history and vales, focused on performance and winning at the highest level. In Swiss Cycling’s quest for success at Paris 2024 Olympic Games, BMC has specifically developed the new Trackmachine 2024 to help them take home gold.

Switzerland Tourism

Swiss tourism and cycling go hand in hand, and BMC proudly supports everything that Switzerland Tourism stands for. Whether it’s conservation, nature or exploration; we see parallels in everything we do. Switzerland Tourism and BMC are working together to celebrate everything Switzerland has to offer and when you do this on a bike, it’s that much better.

Tissot Velodrome

On the doorstep of BMC HQ, lies the Tissot Velodrome. With a strong history of breaking records, both locations have a lot in common. BMC founder Andy Rihs had a vision for such a venue and today it helps develop the next generation of cyclists and world record holders.


As a proud partner Team BMC and Tudor Pro Cycling, Boss helps keep our athletes leading from the front in fashion and in the races.